The essence of art is its ability to transmit emotions and messages. The inspiration for Ginarte comes from this boundless universe, one we find both in nature and in the soul of humankind. A journey into beauty. A perfectly balanced whole. An expression of strength and delicacy. Ginarte is an ode to the marvels that only art knows how to evoke. For this reason, some of the botanicals used are chosen from among plants that have a special connection to art. An artistic soul that lives deep within the very heart of this unique and remarkable gin.

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The bottle is the embodiment of the artistic essence within. It is the blank canvas of the painter, the rough block of marble of the sculptor, the pentagram on which the composer composes, the empty page on which a poet pens his lines. It is all this, and much more. Its essentiality is its strength. Ginarte, held within, is a very real masterpiece.

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Ginarte is as carefully crafted as any work of art brought to life by an artist. It is the fruit of intuition, of mastery and know-how in terms of the use of raw materials. It is a gin made with artisanal care. Distilled from wild juniper berries that grow only on the slopes of the Apennine mountains in Tuscany. Their remarkable aromatic qualities are what give life to a truly unique flavour.

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from the world of art

Among the component botanicals are plants used in the Middle Ages to make pigments for the colours used by painters and sculptors. Plants like calamint, once used for making a green dye, safflower, mignonette and rubia, which brought about yellow, and indigo, famous for the deep shades of blue Piero della Francesca used. Add to that plants and flowers which, thanks to their special properties, give Ginarte a unique and enticing flavour.

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the artists

Ginarte continues its journey into the world of art, welcoming an important collaboration with the Frida Kahlo Corporation. After three personalized bottles made by the Dutch painter Lou Thissen, Ginarte realizes two editions of the bottle created in honor of the great Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

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